Local focus is the heartbeat of our brand.

Since 2007, Dogwood has grown from a small contracting firm to a Canada-wide service provider. This has been largely based on delivering excellent service and stubbornly refusing to lose the touch of 1:1 personalized care that got us here. Along the way, we’ve looked for opportunities to offer unique advantages to our customers by thinking local while scaling national.

Operating in every province has its benefits. With capacity in every city and town no matter how remote, we’re able to offer fast solutions to large brands who need coast-to-coast inter-regional coverage.

But… we stand out by seamlessly blending national capacity with a keen localized awareness that’s allowed us to stay agile and responsive even at scale.

National reach give you coverage. Whether you have offices in Calgary and Toronto, stores spread across BC, Alberta and Manitoba, or manufacturing facilities in Saskatchewan – we have the capacity to offer full service coverage, when and where you need it.

This also gives you access to a wide range of talent and expertise, rigorously vetted through our leadership team who bring decades of experience in construction across virtually all sectors. Our national coverage also extends into our logistics and supply chain, sourcing materials where they are most accessible and eliminating costly project delays.

We operate nationally… but the work gets done locally, right in your home town. We don’t move contractors or in-house trades across Provinces. Our Calgary office hires only skilled trades and management professionals from Alberta. The same applies in BC, Ontario, the Maritimes and every other province.

Construction is not a one-size-fits-all industry. By being part of the communities and culture in each province, Dogwoods’ branches bring a nuanced understanding of local regulations, building codes, seasonal considerations and community dynamics. This enables us to navigate projects seamlessly, anticipating challenges and delivering solutions with a responsive speed that isn’t normally possible at this scale.

Ultimately though, its comes down to our culture. We’re proudly Canadian owned and operated, and that means placing tremendous value on the diversity that each region offers. When you contact our Calgary office, you deal with a local team who know the area and operate right in your community.

In a time when AI and automation are eroding human connection, we believe that localized service, local teams, and local talent are the key to successfully growing… without losing touch.

Our Branch Locations:

Bay 2 4604 13th Street NE
Calgary, AB, T2E 6P1
Ph: 403-294-9133

Unit 102 – 118 Provincial Ave.
Edmonton, AB, T8H 0E1 (Sherwood Park)
Ph: 780-395-0041
BL: 290137016-001

Unit 9 – 9531 192 Street
Surrey, BC, V4N 3R7
Ph: 604-530-9134
Toll free 1-888-237-3965

4055 Cumberland Road
Victoria, BC, V8X 2E7
Ph: 250-516-1257

Unit 2 – 1588 Finfar Crt.
Mississauga, ON, L5J 4K1
Ph: 905-403-9449

1489 Dublin Ave
Winnipeg, MB, R3E 3G8
Ph: 431-302-8830

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