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The Cure for Gratitude Deficit Disorder

Far too many of us these days are fantastic complainers. When someone doesn't meet our expectations, we let them know. We may even let their boss, their coworkers, their mother or everyone who will listen on social media know. There's [...]

2024-05-09T22:20:13-07:00May 9, 2024|News|

The Art of Great Service

In spite of being sectors not traditionally known for producing thoughts leaders in service, customer service becomes a central focus for success for construction contractors. There's nothing like an uncompleted job, a job that isn’t on schedule, no follow up [...]

2024-04-11T22:53:01-07:00April 11, 2024|News|

Think National. Working Local.

Local focus is the heartbeat of our brand. Since 2007, Dogwood has grown from a small contracting firm to a Canada-wide service provider. This has been largely based on delivering excellent service and stubbornly refusing to lose the touch of [...]

2024-03-11T20:46:07-07:00March 11, 2024|News|

Our Decision-making Secret Weapon

The business world is obsessed with making good decisions. Rightly so! We want to invest in assets that bring a healthy return. We aim to hire and retain the very best talent, attract the best clients, and navigate through the [...]

2024-02-12T22:59:28-08:00February 12, 2024|News|

It pays to stay in top form

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” Benjamin Franklin famously advised fire-threatened Philadelphians in 1736 that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Clearly, preventing fires is better than fighting them, but to what [...]

2024-01-05T09:13:23-08:00January 5, 2024|News|

Beyond Hardhats: Safety in the Workplace of Tomorrow

Some industries generate all the hype. Tech is a big one. Open LinkedIn and you’ll be hit with a wave of “AI-based startups” and groundbreaking advancements in SaaS. First, a history lesson… In the late 18th century, the first industrial [...]

2023-11-10T16:05:51-08:00November 7, 2023|News|

They’re judging you (and that’s ok)

Let’s face it. As much as we’re told not to judge a book by its cover, we all do. Right or wrong, this is true for people and for businesses. First impressions shape customer perception and impact loyalty. Not exactly [...]

2023-08-14T15:02:30-07:00August 14, 2023|News|
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