Innovation and Partnerships in the Grocery Business

Grocery stores are changing dramatically. While much has been discussed about how tablets and other technology will be implemented in stores, the core merchandising strategy is also shifting.

Save-on Foods is on the forefront of modern merchandising, offering new innovations such as its online grocery shopping and delivery service to customers in the entire Metro Vancouver area. But innovation is not limited to digital spaces. Overwaite has converted 11 Cooper’s Foods and PriceSmart Foods stores, which have re-opened as Save-On-Foods. While they have no intention of phasing out the former brands, it does indicate a great awareness of thought leadership in the grocery space.

Save-On-Foods, for its part, has become one B.C.’s favourite grocers. In February, Save-On-Foods topped the list of the 20 most loved brands in B.C., according to BC Business magazine and Ipsos. This mindset is something that drives the company to create a physical environment that supports the needs of its customers. From deli sections to isle layouts, Save-on Foods consistently strives for excellence in both function and form.

“We don’t focus on our competitors, we focus on who we are,” says Darrell Jones, President of Overwaite. “We focus on delivering the supermarket that best suits the neighbourhood and the community…” This wonderful outlook is lock-step with our own thinking. We don’t compete against other companies, we simply endeavor to offer increasingly superior service to our clients and be better than we we’re yesterday.

Dogwood Ltd. has been a proud service partner of the Overwaite group for many years. During that time, we have worked closely with the organization to maintain and further its image, its brand and its value. Big or small, no job is out of scope for us.

Case Study

Dogwood Ltd. engages in many services for Save-on Foods, in both its store locations and warehouses. Sometimes, keeping ones customer’s happy and business flowing is not about massive renovations or large-scale changes; it is about the small things…

Repairing scratches, chips and dents in millwork or walls; touching up paint; replacing work tiles, flooring and hardwood; installing new glass or custom metalwork…. These are the kinds of daily jobs we do for Save-on foods.

Believe it or not, shopping carts add up to a tremendous expense for Overwaite. They’re used and abused by customers on a daily basis, and since few things can ruin a shopping experience faster than broken wheels or damaged frames, Overwaite calls on Dogwood to keep them in top working condition.

Attention to details such as this might seem small y themselves, but they all add up over time to create a great shopping experience and engender return visits.

Again, the attention to detail makes all the difference. Many organizations make the error of letting small repairs add up. Over time these seemingly insignificant elements compound to ruin a location’s aesthetics, diminish the brand image, and even present safety hazards to staff and the public. To say nothing of the added cost of trying to repair many things at once.

Overwaite systematically tends to the outstanding their facilities, and we’re proud to be part of the process.

“We don’t focus on our competitors, we focus on who we are. We focus on delivering the supermarket that best suits the neighbourhood and the community…”

-Darell Jones, President of Overwaite

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