Commercial Lighting Solutions

It sets the mood in your favorite restaurant.

It can make work-spaces go from dingy, messy and depressing to clean safe, and productive.

It showcases your products and highlights your style.

Lighting is often taken for granted… but its an extremely big deal.

No matter the location…

We operate in many different professional environments – from bright commercial kitchens and car showrooms, to banks, offices, spas, and your local cafe. Lighting is one of the master-keys to making your space look the way you want it to, and delivering the great overall impression that your customers, staff and guests expect.

  • Office lighting
  • Speciality fixtures
  • Outdoor/Parking Lot Lighting
  • Lighting control
  • Warehouse lighting and ballast replacement
  • LED fixture installation
  • Energy smart LED upgrades
  • Emergency lighting and signage
  • Service calls and troubleshooting

Whether you’re considering an energy efficient, cost-saving upgrade to LED lighting, adding accent lighting to highlight your products, or making your warehouse brighter, safer and cleaner… Dogwood has you covered.

Book your no-risk Facility Audit. It is a wonderful opportunity to get to know one another, and best determine how we can contribute to your success.